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Disk multisaw machine AMS-150

Price: 390 000 ₽

Motor Power, kW: 30/45 (smooth start / плавный пуск)
Power Ring Supply, kW: 2х1.1
Gun Carriage Length (min/max), mm: 1000-6500
Cut Height, mm: 150
Distance Between Saw Blades (min/max), mm: 5/310
Blade Size (o.d./i.d/tooth+): 450/50/18 x 18 + 6
Production Rates (m3/8hr workday): 30-40
Saws: 6
Feed Rate (m/min): 0-14
Product Dimensions, m: 1.9 х 1.15 х 1.4
Weight, kg: 1130

Multi-saw disc machine AMC-150 - designed for sawing two-, three-edged timber on the cut lumber, this unit - is the machine of the second row to work with any sawmill. The basic package includes 6 high-quality saw blades with cleaners and inter-disk dimensional pads (the size is individual). The disk multisaw machine AMS-150 can be completed with the main electric motors of 30 and 45 kW. A distinctive feature of a multi-saw machine is a system consisting of two self-tightening ryabukh with direct drive, note that in this scheme there are no clamping springs, hydraulics, weighting and so on.

Main advantages and differences:

Sawing up the plank and timber from 50 to 150 mm high.
The basic set of delivery includes 6 disks with cleaned knives, as well as all the necessary inter-disk dimensional spacers
Self-pulling down clamping system, consisting of two drive poles.
An independent direct-drive gearmotor is installed on each ryabukha, synchronization and change of the feed rate is carried out through a frequency converter.
The basic configuration includes:
- soft start system of the main engine
- smooth adjustment of the feed speed
- automatic feed speed limiting system when the main engine is overloaded < br /> - main engine load indicator
- electronic heating
Pre-installed suction box with outlet.

Video of the operation of the multi-slotted disk machine АМС-150:


Multisaw disc machine

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