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Price: 6 700 ₽

Overall Length, mm: Неограничена / Unlimited
One Section Length, m: 3
Table height, mm: 900
Width, mm: 400
   Rollers are used to facilitate the movement of round logs, as an option can be installed on any miter log notcher. 

Price for 1m!!!
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17 Apr. 2019

Modernization of the Multi Blade Pulpwood Machine UPT-250M

We inform about the modernization of the Multi Blade Pulpwood Machine

05 Dec. 2018

Universal tool-grinding ZS-1000 machine

Universal sharpening machine for UPT-250M
05 Dec. 2018

Updates on the machine UPT-250M

Now the UPT-250M machine will be equipped with manual tilters of the log, and the power of the cutter motors will also be increased.