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  • Production and sale of woodworking equipment
  • Production and sale of woodworking equipment
  • Production and sale of woodworking equipment
  • Production and sale of woodworking equipment
  • Production and sale of woodworking equipment

Production and sale of woodworking equipment

Our company has been designing, manufacturing and selling woodworking equipment for over 20 years.  We’ve been keeping on improving our products as well as bringing to the market new unique machine models over this time.

Our company’s major business line is the manufacturing of high-technology log lathes, log rounding complexes, sawmills and the whole spectrum of lathe tending tools. Our company’s woodworking machines have always been remarkable for being qualitatively manufactured, accurately assembled and easy to use. Also they’ve been noted for the optimal cost. Even the sky is never the limit for the engineering and design part of our team, so we keep on developing new equipment that meets all the needs of your business.

Performance, reliability, accuracy, excellent engineering solutions and a sound result will meet the highest demands you can put on woodworking equipment.

Our company is ready to provide the gamut of lathes for both small-scale businesses and large enterprises. These are: automatic log rounding complexes, log rounding lines, notchers and cross-cutting saws, circular saw-benches, building mini-cranes that have no analogues in Russia and abroad. All that and many other things were designed and tested in actual practice by the «KRAOS» manufacturing firm. Our company’s equipment brings profit to customers both in Russia and abroad.

One of the major company objectives is an individual approach to each of our clients and professional order execution on an urgent basis.    


There are a few reasons why our company’s machines are the best choice for your business:

  • The unique design of machines
  • High reliability and performance 
  • A large power margin
  • Real Customer Reviews
  • An individual approach to each client
  • Advisory services from qualified designers and engineers
  • Qualitative maintenance

Kraos is pleased to offer you the next equipment:

Sawmill equipment

  • Multi blade machine for pulpwood UPT-250
    Multi blade machine for pulpwood UPT-250
    -tonometer from 80 to 250 mm
    -thickness of cut 3mm
    -capacity up to 6 cubic meters / hour
    -aspiration system
    from 1100 000 rub 0 ₽
  • Circular saw bench corner UPS-550
    Circular saw bench corner UPS-550
    -engines 2х15 kW
    -automatic control
    -corner and horizontal mode
    -productivity up to 15 cubic meters.
    780 000 ₽
  • Disk multisaw machine AMS-150
    Disk multisaw machine AMS-150
    -discs included
    -direct drive ryabuh
    - smooth start
    390 000 ₽
  • Tape power-saw bench LPU-900
    Tape power-saw bench LPU-900
    -engine 11 kW (soft start)
    -meter of workpiece up to 900 mm
    -productivity of 8 cubic meters
    -automatic dimensions
    335 000 ₽

Log lathe

  • Log lathe OCS-1M
    Log lathe OCS-1M
    -cylinder + groove + cup + plane
    -diameter of the product 140-260mm
    -electrical drive and lifting
    -automatic lunettes lifting
    340 000 ₽
  • Log lathe OCS-2АМ
    Log lathe OCS-2АМ
    -cylinder + groove + cutter
    -the diameter of the product is 160-360 mm
    -full automatic machine
    -speed controller
    670 000 ₽
  • Log lathe OCS-3AM
    Log lathe OCS-3AM
    -cylinder + groove + propyl + bowl
    -the diameter of the product is 160-360mm
    -full automatic machine
    -speed controller
    790 000 ₽
  • Log lathe OCS-4AM
    Log lathe OCS-4AM
    -cylinder + groove + cutter
    -the diameter of the product is 160-360mm
    -full automatic machine
    -speed controller
    950 000 ₽

Log notche

  • Line optimization (log notcher + trimming)
    Line optimization (log notcher + trimming)
    -diameters 160-300mm
    -fixed angles 90/60/45 gr.
    -toting, bowls, half-pens
    -rorogangs 6m + 6m
    390 000 ₽
  • log notche UHS-2M
    log notche UHS-2M
    -diameters 160-300mm
    -fixed angles 90/60/45 gr.
    -cutter with sliding knives
    -power clamp
    170 000 ₽
  • log notche UHS-3M
    log notche UHS-3M
    -diameters 160-400mm
    -fixed angles 90/60/45 gr.
    -cutter with sliding knives
    -laser, BAUS-1, roller tables
    286 000 ₽

Circular saw

  • Crosscut saw TCS-2
    Crosscut saw TCS-2
    -diameters 160-360mm
    -paws included
    -motor 5.5 kW
    130 000 ₽
  • Multitortsovochny TSPT-80 machine
    Multitortsovochny TSPT-80 machine
    -height cutting 80mm
    -4 saw nodes
    -controlled speed
    285 000 ₽
  • Tortsovochny TC-350 machine
    Tortsovochny TC-350 machine
    -HxB cut - 240x120mm
    -engineer 2,2 kW
    -power - 220 / 380V
    45 000 ₽

Optional equipment

  • Building a "mini-crane KSRM-500"
    Building a "mini-crane KSRM-500"
    -load capacity 500kg
    -lifting height 10m
    -boom 9m
    -radio control
    700 000 ₽
  • Mounting samozahvatyvayuschie mites
    Mounting samozahvatyvayuschie mites
    -диметры до 400мм
    -грузоподъемность 500кг
    -меж/клещевое 1000мм
    20 000 ₽
  • Sharpening machine for milling
    Sharpening machine for milling
    -diameters of knives 160-380mm
    -point of straight / shaped
    -engineer 0.55 kW
    30 000 ₽
  • Conveyor to remove sawdust TOL-2
    Conveyor to remove sawdust TOL-2
    -The length is from 6 to 26 m
    -The angle of inclination is 10-30 degrees.
    -Modular construction
    12 000 ₽
  • Automatic Control Unit BUS-1
    Automatic Control Unit BUS-1
    -power 5.5 / 7.5 kW
    -complete automatic control
    -monitor load
    50 000 ₽
  • Laser Leveling LCS-2
    Laser Leveling LCS-2
    -horiz / vertical. Scanning
    -200mW green color
    30 000 ₽
  • Line laser LS-2
    Line laser LS-2
    -100mW green
    -compatible with PSP / TC
    6 000 ₽
  • Roller
    -unlimited length
    -Short stops
    -height adjustment
    5 000 ₽

Latest news

05 Dec. 2018

Universal tool-grinding ZS-1000 machine

Universal sharpening machine for UPT-250M
05 Dec. 2018

Updates on the machine UPT-250M

Now the UPT-250M machine will be equipped with manual tilters of the log, and the power of the cutter motors will also be increased.
05 Dec. 2018

Calculation of otsilindrovochnyh complexes

Thanks to many years of work and constant communication with our customers, we have gained extensive experience in the design and implementation of not only individual machines, but also entire complexes.