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Tape power-saw bench LPU-900

Price: 335 000 ₽

Log Diameter Capacity, mm: 900
Log Length, mm: 6500
Band wheel Diameter, mm: 600
Distance from Saw to Traverse, mm: 320
Cut Width, mm: 750
Distance from Saw to Lodgment, mm: 700
Power Options, kW: 11
Movement Speed, m/s: 30
Engine Power (lift/lower), kW: 0.75
Blade Size, mm: 4422 x 35-51 x 0,9-1,2
Product Dimensions, m: 8 x 2 x 1.8
Weight, kg: 800

Band sawmill LPU-900 designed for cutting round logs into edged and unedged lumber of high quality. HCF-900 is the upgraded serial continuation of the line frame machines of the previous generation LPU-600 and LPU-750. The design of the sawmill has a number of original technical solutions having no analogues in Russia and abroad. Ergonomic comfortable controls and a variety of essential functions will not disregard even the seasoned samsikov. A large margin of safety rails and main units band saw will provide You smooth operation for many years.

the Advantages and differences:

the track saw consists of a steel channel rails 120mm from the calibrated hexagon 19mm. This combination provides high wear resistance and ease of movement of the carriage along the guide.
cast iron wheels with a diameter of 600 mm allow you to set the blade width of 35 to 51 mm.
each wheel has two double-row roller bearing with a large margin of safety load and high life
Belt drive actuator LPU-900 is located outside the working area of the saw blade, that eliminates the possibility of getting into the working belts coolant and sawdust

Reliable tensioning system blade - screw-nut plus a damping cylinder with a shakeproof pressure gauge allows you to consistently work in any temperature conditions.

package sawmill includes two manual boom (gaff).

The width and height of the saw cut traverses allow to make cutting logs up to 900mm diameter.

Band sawmill is equipped with a rotating stand cradle, allowing you to change the cutting angle from -15 to + 15 degrees. Variable angle sawing optimizes the operation of the sawmill on different wood species.
The workpiece is positioned on the desktop via chain tilting and retractable tables.
the Drive of lifting-lowering of carriage is equipped with an Electromechanical drum for precise movements in automatic mode on the specified size.
the Main engine is equipped with a softstarter
Digital power meter allows you to monitor the load on the main engine and the sawmill.
the Sawmill is equipped with a powerful green laser pointer propyl, projecting a line length of 6 meters. Laser designator is equipped with a heating system, allowing to work at temperatures down to -25 C0, the eyepiece of the laser is protected from sawdust.
To work in the dark or in conditions of poor light at the sawmill mounted led spotlights and backlit dimensional line.
For more convenient work in the winter to handle saws, Underfloor heating .
mounting dimensions

Video of the sawmill LPU-900:

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