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  • Production and sale of woodworking equipment
  • Production and sale of woodworking equipment
  • Production and sale of woodworking equipment
  • Production and sale of woodworking equipment
  • Production and sale of woodworking equipment

How to choose the right equipment for cylindering logs.

Our clients are often asked to choose the optimal equipment for the needs of any enterprise or private person-specific management products diameters, the budget required cubic capacity, etc. Of course, the choice of a machine is yours, in this article we will try to communicate clearly, in plain language, to explain the purpose and characteristics of both individual and combined machine tools produced by our company.

 And so, let's start with the first model of the log lathe OCS-1M, пIt is a spindle unit, which performs all operations (cylindering, sample mounting groove, the sample cup) of one mill. There is focus on the structural feature of the cutter, holding a right roughing and finishing blades (combined mill), capable in a single pass to remove up to 100 mm radius and out at the same time directly to finished size, as this mill is capable of doing several diameters for by interchangeable knives. Supplied log lathe OCS-1M  may include three mills: №1 keeps the size of 160, №2 keeps the size 180-200, №3 keeps the size of 220-260. Thus, for a fast transition to semi size (within a single milling) is necessary to change only two vsego shaped knife. Despite the seeming simplicity of the machine, OCS-1M in the base portal is an electromechanical supply with continuously variable speed, electromechanical lifting / lowering of the carriage, Hydraulic ram logs, electronic part built-in heating, as well as an automatic 3-position backrest, eliminating sagging and vibration logs. All of these options allow without much physical effort to work comfortably even a single operator. With an average performance 80-100m per 8 hour shift, log lathe OCS-1M It proved to be excellent at private traders and small businesses.    

            Next, consider automatic machines OCS-2AM and OCS-3AM – эthe two brothers, differing only in the presence log notcher node (on OCS-3AM -prisutstvuet log notcher on OCS-2AM it is not), in its principle of operation, they are fully autonomous, ie It does not require operator intervention during operation. It works the same operator is to once for the entire project, otsilindrovochny adjust the machine to the desired size, and then set the workpiece, press the Start button, wait until the machine has finished processing cycle, remove the finished product. This machine concept has been developed by engineers of our company on the basis of monitoring the work of ordinary workers at log lathe of the first generation (then OCS-1), these machines are specially designed for people who do not need much to delve into the intricacies of the machine, for all of them Automatic makes manipulation. By type of drives are multi-spindle machines, ie for each operation (tsilindrovka, milling assembly (lunar) slot milling expansion joint, milling cup) has a separate cutter with independent drive, as well as managing electrical systems. Of the features of machines 2AM and 3AM should note the presence patented combination cutters cylindering with a fine and black knives that can, without much effort on the engine, remove up to 100mm radius, as well as mounted on the cutter 3AM chashkoreza with continuously variable diameter of the bowl.

 So what are the advantages of giving us a lot of the spindle of the machine? Firstly, each drive is already in the workplace (no need each time to move the cutter first to coordinate tsilindrovki, then groove bowl), and secondly, dramatically improving the quality of geometry, all logs are now the same diameter, with identical mounting slots and bowls (in other words, the quality of the computing power and the employee will no longer affect the uniformity of round logs of any project), in the third, dramatically improving the performance of the equipment.

Next there is a reasonable question that the best: OCS-3AM or DSP-2AM + chashkorez (or line optimization)? Each method has pros and consOCS-3AM occupies less space, requires less staff, all operations are run from one installation logs layout OCS-2AM + chashkorez (or line optimization) yield better performance (about 30%) due to the separation of the operation, plus on chashkoreze UHS-2M you can cut the half-shell and cup angles.

log lathe OCS-4A- as an automaton, the functionality and principle of operation is similar to the DSP-2AM (cylinder mills the mounting groove and compensation), but is intended mainly for projects, the maximum diameter of which can reach up to 500mm, при  максимальном диаметре заготовки 700мм, while at the OCS-2AM and 3AM, these values are 360mm and 600mm  respectively. As in the case of the DSP-2AM, to complete the work on this model, the machine will require log notcher UHS-2M (or line optimization), but with a more powerful drive the cutter.

Next, consider the layout of machines as an example of the complex COBRA-400, consisting of 2 log lathe OCS-2AM, line optimization and conveyor for removing chips. The purpose of this equipment is a chain maximum Performance, due to the fact that one line optimization can simultaneously serve two log lathe, and the presence of the conveyor TOL-1 eliminates interruptions for cleaning chips. In other words COBRA-400 - is a continuous conveyor for the production of logs, processing units are constantly in operation.

The choice of equipment is always responsible for the business task, which may take a long time and in this article we have tried to give you a fuller explanation of purpose and specifics of individual machines and systems.