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Otsilindrovochny complex MASTER

Price: 1 046 000 ₽

Rounded Log Diameter, mm: 160-360*
Log Diameter Capacity (max), mm: 600
Log Length, m: 0,5-8
Production Rates (8hr workday): 180-200
Operator (person): 2
Operating temperature (deg.): -30/+40
Power of all Drives (kW), kW: 34.2
Intake Power (max), kW: 19,5

The Master Rounding Complex is a roundup line designed for the fast and high-quality production of finished parts of a round timber frame. Structurally, the complex consists of an otsilindrovochnogo machine OTsS-2AM , with a conveyor located under it to remove chips, an optimization line is located parallel to the otsilindrovochnuyu machine. This arrangement allows you to maximize the use of the workspace with a sufficiently high performance.

Scheme and order of work on the complex cylinder:

MASTER Cylinder Complex

Stages of work on the complex:

  1. We load the log onto the OCS-2AM logging machine and start the automatic processing cycle.
  2. We move the rounded log to the receiving roller table of the trimming machine TC-2 , at the same time, to the cylinder OTsS-2AM we load the next log.
  3. We perform log trimming and selection of bowls on a cup cutting machine PSP-2M according to the project
  4. Move the finished product to the overpass
Video of the work of a cylinder complex master:

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