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Circular saw bench corner UPS-550

Price: 780 000 ₽

Log Diameter Capacity (max), mm: 1000
Log Length, m: 6,5
Saw Disc Diameter, mm: 550 - 450
Maximum Cut Depth: 20
Vertical Disc, kW: 15(18.5)
Vertical Feed Carriage, kW: 15(18.5)
Vertical Feed Carriage, kW: 1,5
Supply Horizontal Carriage, kW: 0,55
Supply Portal, kW: 1,5
Production Rates (8hr workday), m³: 15
Feed Rate of Portal: Регулируемая / Variable
Thickness Cutting Capacity, mm: 6
Speed Rotation Vertical Disc: 3000rpm
Speed Rotation of Horizontal Disc: 3000rpm
Operator (person): 2
Operating temperature (deg.): -25/+40
Weight, kg: 2500
Product Dimensions, m: 10 x 2 x 2
Motor Power: Elec 380V, 50Hz, 3Ph

Circular saw bench corner UPS-550

Circular saw bench corner UPS-550 - Woodworking machine with numerical control designed for longitudinal cutting of roundwood on high-quality boards and beams with specified geometric dimensions. The undeniable advantage is the absence of corner cutting when cutting the waves, the radial cutting timber, ideal geometry of the resulting article, no idling when sawing, the most flexible choice of timber cutting plans, performance, etc. Circular saw bench UPS-550 produces sawing in the forward and backward direction (no idle strokes), in addition to the angular cutting mode, the sawmill can be tuned to the horizontal cutting (sawing on untrimmed board) mode. Thanks to a powerful frame construction disk saws, reliable timber terminals and accurate positioning system, saw blades achieved the ideal geometry to cut the material. UPS-550 is controlled using the keypad to work efficiently which can even the inexperienced operator. Remote Interface is equipped with all the necessary controls (dzhostiki, keys) and control (display, indicators) by which maximizes the performance, quality and high yield rate of production. For the convenience of the service saw blades, uglopilny machine is equipped with a special grinding device (supplied as standard), which is mounted directly on the horizontal and vertical engine. Thus sharpening saw blades is made directly on the machine carriage (without removing the disc), thus there is a significant time-saving maintenance tool.

Along with a plurality of similar machines of this type, making the corner of our production sawmill has some differences, namely:

Perhaps sawing blank 1 meter in diameter
Swivel mechanism allows you to translate the angular sawmill in the horizontal cutting mode (supplied as standard).
The powerful design of the machine frame, provides high precision timber geometry, the carriage is welded from thick-walled profile120mm x 120mm.
With a special sharpening device, saw blades sharpened directly on the sawmill, which significantly saves time on maintenance tool (supplied as standard).
Swing angle housings sawmill provide optimum protection of personnel working on the sawdust at the same time open up access to the internal structure of the machine.
All guides horizontal, vertical, and longitudinal course, themselves be cleaned with special brush holder, thereby preventing the build-up sawdust.
Combined timber locking system consisting of a self-centering of the side and mechanical clamps, provide reliable and fast mounting pieces small and large diameters.
The lifting mechanism allows the table to change the residual value of the logs.
Laser designators are heated, allowing to operate at temperatures below -25 C0, eyepieces lasers have protection against dust.
The machine is controlled by a convenient and informative control panel.

1.  Intuitive interface
      2.  Input keyboard value is not performed, as in similar machines, and the tuning knob.
      3. There is a non-volatile memory to navigate through the dimensions of height and width (no need to enter each time dimensions)
      4. Automatic registration kerf
      5. Independent adjustment of the feed rate of the portal back and forth
      6. Digital ammeters motors vertical and horizontal drive, allow you to control the load on the motors
      7. Automatic two-level system adjustments filing portal will not allow speed to overload the working tool
      8. Mode fully automatic sawing (kerf width is given and the number of cuts) eases the mental burden of the operator
      9. Electronic part built-in heater (supplied as standard)
    10. Built-in protection against voltage surges (supplied as standard)

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