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Multi blade machine for pulpwood UPT-250

Motor Power: Elec 380V, 50Hz, 3Ph
Log Diameter Capacity, mm: 80-280
Log Length Capacity, m: 1-6,5
Cut Width, mm: 60-160
Cut Height, mm: 10-160(200*)
Dimensional Accuracy, mm: +/- 0,5
Max Cut Depth of Side Cutters, mm: 2х72
Horizontal Saw Blade Disc: 2х6pc
Blade Disc Diameter, mm: 250
Vac System, kW: 5.5
Side Cutters, kW: 2х18,5
Horizontal Disc, kW: 2х15(18,5*)
Chain Feed, kW: 2.2
Ring Supply, kW: 1,5
The frequency of rotation of the upper cutter, r / min: 3000
Rotation speed of vertical disks, rev / min: 3000
Feed Rate, m/min: 0-15
Operator (person): 2
Operating temperature (deg.): -30/+40
Weigh, kg: 1950
Product Dimensions, m: 14.4 x 1.4 x 1.5
Price: 1 250 000 RUB

UPT-250M is a cutting-type milling-sawing machine designed for longitudinal sawing of low-grade wood with a diameter from 80 mm to 280 mm into high-quality edged sawn timber. The cross-sections of the finished product can vary from 60 mm to 160 mm (200 mm  optional)  in width (given by the distance between the side cutters) and from 10 mm to 160 mm in height (defined by the number and distance between horizontal discs), while the length of the workpiece can be from one to six meters. On the UPT-250M machine, two mills are involved in sawing the logs, which remove the side surfaces of the log, and two blocks of horizontal discs that follow, which make sawing the planks prepared after the cutters. At the exit of the machine turns out ready horizontal stack of boards and two slabs. 

The presence of side mills in the sawing scheme ensures the operation of horizontal discs on a clean surface, thereby greatly prolonging the life of the saw blades. The mechanism of displacement-extension of the side mills is equipped with an electric drive, due to which the operator can quickly change the width of the chopping block during operation of the machine, and the value will be displayed on the electronic board of the control panel. The visual contours of the future block are projected directly onto the log with powerful linear lasers that help to correctly position the workpiece on the receiving table.

Thanks to a number of original technical solutions used in UFT-250M, we managed to surpass similar types of pass-through type in technical characteristics, namely:

  • Reduce energy consumption to 75 kW without loss of performance
  • Reduce the thickness of the cut to 3 mm, due to which increased the percentage yield of suitable lumber
  • Possibility of processing logs with a high degree of taper and curvature
  • Get rid of the accompanying thin slab and the so-called "noodles" and "splinter"
  • Due to the operational change of the distance between the side mills, there is no need to pre-sort the wood

Main advantages and differences:

Processing of low-grade wood with a diameter of 80 mm to 280 mm and a length of 1 m to 6 m in one pass
Maximum removal of side mills up to 80 mm.
The mechanism for moving and extending the side cutters, which is responsible for the operative change of the width of the boards or beams, is equipped with an electronic ruler with 4 programmable buttons for any size from 60 mm to 160 mm. Change the current size by pressing just one button.
The UPT-250M machine is equipped with powerful linear lasers that project the contours of the future plank onto the workpiece.
.  Standard features include:
  • It’s a system of automatic sequential start-up of all engines and drives
  • It’s a smooth adjustment of feed rate
  • It’s an automatic feed rate limiting system when main engine is overloaded
  • It’s to load indicator of main engines
  • Adjustment of the maximum power consumption of the machine
  • It’s heating of the electronic part
UT-250M swing housings provide optimal protection of working personnel from sawdust and to open access to the internal structure of the machine
The built-in housings and suction system ensures timely removal of chips and sawdust from the working area.
The integrated casing and aspiration system ensures timely removal of chips and sawdust from the working area.
The receiving table is equipped with manual tilters of the log, with which the workpiece can be raised above the table and rotated.

The receiving table is equipped with manual tilters of the log, with which the workpiece can be lifted above the table and rotated.

UPT-250M UPT-250M

Machine configuration:

  1. Reception table with a feed chain - 7.2 m
  2. Starting roller conveyor for finished products - 4.8 m
  3. Aspiration system (Vac System) with 5,5 kW exhaust
  4. Electric drive of displacement / extension of mills with automatic system of setting the size (memory for 4 sizes)
  5. Linear laser pointers cut -2 pcs.
  6. Smooth feed rate adjustment with automatic load speed limiter.
  7. Set of blades - 8 pcs.
  8. A set of circular saws with a diameter of 250 mm - 12 pcs.
  9. Set of spacer washers for - 3 dimensional sets (optional)
  10. Tilter logs on the receiving table - 3 pcs.

Video of the UPT-250M small-scale processing machine:

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