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Line optimization (log notcher + trimming)

Price: 515 000 ₽

Rounded Log Diameter, mm: 160-360*
Log Length, m: Неограниченна / Unlimited
Trimmer Disc Diameter, mm: 800
Table Length, m: 12
Power, kW: 5,5
Power, kW: 5,5
Feed Trimmer Drive: Ручная (электропривод опционально) / Manual (electric optional)
Supply of Notch: Ручная (электропривод опционально) / Manual (electric optional)
Speed Trimmer Disc: 1500rpm
Speed Cutters: 3000rpm
Operator (person): 1 person
Operating temperature (deg.): -30/+40
Weight, kg: 1370
Motor Power: Elec 380V, 50Hz, 3Ph
*Mills for 320-360mm diameters are not included in the basic package.

Line optimization

In the manufacture of houses on log lathe is not possible to trim the log, milled bowl angles, semi-milled bowls, and therefore, for these purposes has been developed Line optimization includes: log notcher UHS-2M, crosscut Machine TCS-2, as well as reception departure and roller conveyors with marking area and the movable fence. The modular design of the line optimization is possible to change places log notcher and trimmer, as well as an unlimited capacity of receiving and starting roller tables. Available in liniii log notcher significantly improves the performance of any log lathe by separating operations.
To facilitate the work, the machine log notcher UHS-2M and power cutter TCS-2 can be equipped with automatic feed drive Baus and laser pointer cut.

Stages of work on line:

1. Harvesting is loaded onto the receiving roller conveyors.
Line optimization (log notcher + trimming)
2. The ends of the left edge of the workpiece.
Line optimization (log notcher + trimming)
3. Milled first cup
Line optimization (log notcher + trimming)
4. The ends of the right edge of the blank
Line optimization (log notcher + trimming)
5. Fraser subsequent bowls
Line optimization (log notcher + trimming)
6. The finished product is unloaded at the pier
Line optimization (log notcher + trimming)


The main advantages of this line are the optimization cylindering:

Line optimization (log notcher + trimming)
Significant increase in productivity due to separation and milling operations cylindering bowls.
Cutting and trimming bowls going on an adjustable stop that eliminates the possibility of errors in the geometric parameters of the product
Line optimization (log notcher + trimming)
Line optimization (log notcher + trimming)
Due to the fixed position of the pivot assembly chashkoreza (4,6,8 coal for log cabins), change the angle of the milling cup is made in one motion.
Comfortable ergonomic control allows you to manage even a single person
Line optimization (log notcher + trimming)

Video of the line optimization (+ Baus):

Video Instruction for commissioning:

Video of the OCS-2A + line optimization:

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