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log notche UHS-3M

Price: 286 000 ₽

Log Diameter Capacity (max), mm: 400*
Log Diameter Capacity (min), mm: 160
Log Length, m: неограничена / Unlimited
Cuttering of Notch, kW: 7,5
Supply Motor Carriage, kW: 0,55
Table Length, m: 6 + 6
Supply of Notch: электромеханическая / electromechanical
Feed Rate of Notch: регулируемая / Variable
Speed Cutters: 3000
Operating temperature (deg.): +/-30
Weight, kg: 750
Product Dimensions, m: 13.4 х 1.8 х 1.5
*Knives for sizes 320-400mm not included in the basic package.

                                                                                        log notche UHS-3M
     UHS-3M - a universal log notche for cutting the crown bowls in the logs. The machine has the ability to rotate the carriage for cutting cups angled mounting four, six, and octagonal log cabins, thanks to fixed positions (for angles of 450, 600.900, -600, -450), rotate and lock the carriage is made by one flick of the wrist. Changing the diameter of the milling cup is due to subsidence -razdvizheniya cutter blades inside (the principle of lathe chuck), thereby saving time transition to the adjacent diameters. The basic equipment of the machine consists of two mills on the diameters of 160-220mm and 240-300mm, just log notche can be equipped with additional cutter for large diameters 320-400mm. To move the log notche is equipped with receivers and starting roller conveyors, while at the sending roller table is marking the area with a mobile focus. The basic equipment of the machine includes: a smoothly regulated electric supply carriage with the system management Baus-1,  laser pointer LC-2receiving and starting roller conveyors, 2 Cutters with retractable blades for sizes 160-300mm

The main differences from similar log notche:

log notche UHS-3M 

   Possibility to mill around the cup size range (160-400mm), for the installation of all types of log cabins (4,6,8-coal).

   Powerful screw terminal logs and stops under the profile groove, provide a secure fit of the log while cutting.
log notche UHS-3M
log notche UHS-3M 

   The unique design of cutters and cutting tools (knives) to achieve maximum performance with minimum power consumption.

      Quick turn and lock the carriage for the manufacture of 4.6 and 8 coal designs.
log notche UHS-3M
 log notche UHS-3M

  The ability to markup bowls both abutments and laser target designator

   Automatic control system of electric drive with infinitely variable feed rate of the milling unit
Log notcher UHS-3M
Video of the log notche UHS-3M:

Milling cup with a diameter of 400mm:

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