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Log lathe OCS-1M

Price: 340 000 ₽

Rounded Log Diameter, mm: 140-260
Log Diameter Capacity (max), mm: 400
Log Length, m: 0,5-8
Production Rates (8hr workday): 100
Thickness of one Cut (max radius), mm: 100
Log Rotation, kW: 2,2
Supply Motor Carriage, kW: 0,25
Motor Cutter, kW: 7,5
Feed Rate: Регулируемая / Variable
Speed Rotation: 20,30rpm
Speed Cutters: 3000rpm
Dimensional Accuracy, mm: Не более 2,0 / Not more than 2.0
Operator (person): 2 person
Operating temperature (deg.): -30/+40
Weight, kg: 1600
Product Dimensions, m: 10 х 1.4 х 1.8
Motor Power: Elec 380V, 50Hz, 3Ph

OCS-1M - It log Lathe-milling type, allows you to perform operations cylindering logs, sample mounting groove milling bowls and cutting planes. All operations are performed one universal mill, which once set roughing and finishing blades (combined mill), the cutter is capable of one-pass to shoot up to 100 mm radius and out at the same time directly to finished size.

The basic package Otsilindrovochnye machines OCS-1M include: electromechanical filing portal with continuously variable speed, electromechanical lifting / lowering of the carriage, Hydraulic ram logs, electronic part built-in heating, as well as an automatic 3-position backrest, eliminating sagging and vibration logs. All of these options allow without much physical effort to work comfortably even a single operator. With an average performance 80-100m per 8 hour shift, otsilindrovochny OCS-1M machine proved to be excellent at private traders and small businesses.

Along with similar machines of this type, MCPR-1M has the following advantages:

Log lathe OCS-1M
-Cylindering logs in a single pass to finished size.
-log lathe can handle logs with a high degree of curvature and taper, shooting while up to 100mm radius, or the diameter of the log 200mm
-Rounded logs produced by planing wood, which gives a smooth surface and hardens the outer layer.
Available automatic two-position backrest excludes such negative factors as the sagging, vibration logs, thereby increasing the accuracy of the geometry of the finished product.
Log lathe OCS-1M
Log lathe OCS-1M
Milling cups occurs on special marks-stops, which are installed on the bar marking machine bed, thus completely eliminated errors in size between bowls.
log lathe cutter machine holds a right roughing and finishing blades (combined mill), capable in a single pass to remove up to 100 mm radius and out at the same time directly to finished size, as this mill is capable of doing several diameters by changing the knives. Supplied Log lathe OCS-1M may include three mills: №1 keeps the size of 160, №2 keeps the size of 180,200, №3 keeps the size of 220,240,260. Thus, for a fast transition to semi size (within a single milling) is necessary to change only two vsego shaped knife
Log lathe OCS-1M
Log lathe OCS-1M
The installation position of the working body of the machine for a particular operation, an operator carries on a special line.
The basic package Otsilindrovochnye machines include: adjustable electric supply carriages, electric vertikalngo moving cutters, hydraulic lifting logs, z-position backrest.
Log lathe OCS-1M

Video of the Log lathe OCS-1M:

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