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Log lathe OCS-2АМ

Price: 670 000 ₽

Rounded Log Diameter, mm: 160-360*
Log Diameter Capacity (max), mm: 600
Log Length, m: 0,5-8
Production Rates (8hr workday): 150-200
Thickness of one Cut (max radius), mm: 100
Cutters of Cylinder, kW: 11
Cutter Groove, kW: 7,5
Compensational Groove, kW: 1,5
Log Rotation, kW: 2,2
Supply Motor Carriage, kW: 0,55
Rotation of Grooving Cutters, kW: 0,25
Feed Rate of Carriage: Регулируемая / Variable
Speed Rotation: 20,30rpm
Speed grooving cutters, rev / min: 3000
Speed cutter cylindering, rev / min: 3000
Operator (person): 2 person
Operating temperature (deg.): -30/+40 deg.
Weight, kg: 1680
Product Dimensions, m: 10 x 1.4 x 1.8
Motor Power: Elec 380V, 50Hz, 3Ph

*Mills for 320-360mm diameters are not included in the standard equipment of the machine

Automatic Log lathe OCS-2АМ

OSC-2AM - A fully automated log lathe Lathe-type program-controlled, which allows to perform operations cylindering logs, milling installation and expansion joint without operatora- vsego pressing a button (also possible to perform all operations in the manual mode). The uniqueness of this machine is that its operation cycle no idle strokes: in the forward direction occurs cylindering logs in reverse selection and expansion joint assembly. OCS machine-2AM
It fits perfectly into any technological chain of production of logs and can be run as a separate entity for the production of billets, and in tandem with a line of optimizing either chashkoreznym machine UHS-2M. Also, for the automatic chip removal
from under the bed of the machine, this model can be equipped with a conveyor belt TOL-1.

The main advantages over other machines :

Log lathe OCS-2АМ
The drive is controlled by a microprocessor system in automatic mode, minimizing the human factor may also manage all the actuators in manual mode.
log lathe is equipped with automatic adjustment of the feed rate of the carriage (the feed rate is automatically reduced when the engine reaches a certain load tsilindrovki, with the weakening of the load speed is restored to the former regime).
Log lathe OCS-2АМ
Log lathe OCS-2АМ
The presence of 5-lunettes avoids vibrations and disturbances geometry logs for all machining operations
Setting the machine is done once the entire production cycle of the product diameter.
Log lathe OCS-2АМ
Log lathe OCS-2АМ
The maximum thickness of the shear layer in a single pass drevesiny- 100mm radius, tsilindrovanie logs in a single pass in the finishing size, during the return and compensation is chosen mounting groove.
Patented knife (RF Patent №112086) can significantly reduce the load on the cutter and maximize performance without compromising the quality of the processed material.
Log lathe OCS-2АМ
Log lathe OCS-2АМ
It ensures the quality of treatment at the level of planed wood.
Hydraulic lifts Log lathe allow you to easily and accurately set the log between the front and rear pastern.
Log lathe OCS-2АМ
Log lathe OCS-2АМ
Remote control of the machine is equipped with a heating system of the electronic part that allows you to operate at low ambient temperatures.
No dummy moves: Forward cylindering logs going in the opposite sample mounting and expansion joint.
Log lathe OCS-2АМ
Log lathe OCS-2АМ
On the Control Panel displayed digital pressure indicators main drives that allow you to visually observe the load of a motor.
Although management software, otsilindrovochny machine does not require special care and highly qualified personnel, the microprocessor itself determines the wrong actions of the operator and an error signal is thus prevented emergencies.
Log lathe OCS-2АМ

A brief description of the work to Log lathe OCS-2AM:

Log lathe OCS-2АМ
Before starting work, milling units are set to the desired diameter of the product (this operation is made once for the entire project);
Log lathe OCS-2АМ
Hydraulic jack beam is centered between the front and the tailstock, and then clamped retractable tailstock;
On the control panel, select one of the modes of operation of the machine:
Automatic mode (Auto)
- cylindering + milling installation and expansion joint Manual (P1 to P9)
- manual operation Click "Start" button and wait for the operation of the machine!

Video of the Log lathe OCS-2АМ:

Otsilindrovka 6 m logs in 7 minutes:

Video of the OCS-2A line optimization:

Videos for the installation and Log lathe OCS-2АМ...

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