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Log lathe OCS-3AM

Price: 1 100 000 ₽

Rounded Log Diameter, mm: 160-360*
Log Diameter Capacity (max), mm: 600
Log Length, m: 0,5-8
Production Rates (8hr workday): 150-200
Thickness of one Cut (max radius), mm: 100
Cutters of Cylinder, kW: 11
Cutter Groove, kW: 7,5
Compensational Groove, kW: 1,1
Cuttering of Notch, kW: 5,5
Log Rotation, kW: 2,2
Supply Motor Carriage, kW: 0,55
Rotation of Grooving Cutters, kW: 0,25
Supply of Notch, kW: 0,55
Feed Rate of Carriage: Регулируемая / Variable
Feed Rate of Notch: Регулируемая / Variable
Speed Rotation: 20,30rpm
Speed grooving cutters, rev / min: 3000
Speed cutter cylindering, rev / min: 3000
Speed Cutters: 3000
Operator (person): 2
Operating temperature (deg.): -30/+40
Weight, kg: 2300
Product Dimensions, m: 10 x1.2 x 1.8
Motor Power: Elec 380V, 50Hz, 3Ph
* Cutters for diameters 320-360mm are not included in basic equipment of the machine

ОЦС-3АМ is a fully automated program-controlled otsilindrovochny lathe-type machine that allows you to perform the operations of cylindrical, milling assembly and compensation groove, milling bowls without an operator - by pressing just one button (also all operations can be performed in manual mode).

The presence of automation systems in the otsilindrovochny machine otss-3am makes it possible to almost completely eliminate the human factor in the manufacture of parts for wooden houses from otsilindrovka, and also significantly improves the quality of work and productivity in the enterprise. Setting the milling units to the required size of the product is done only once for the entire project of a given diameter, all further concerns about turning on /off the drives, rearranging the milling units and even controlling the processing speed are taken by the electric drive and automation.

The log processing cycle consists of the following steps: first, the workpiece is cylindrical, and milling takes place immediately to the finishing size (in one pass), then with a reverse stroke, the cylinder machine mills the longitudinal (moon) and compensation groove, then the carriage begins to search for special marks, on which it defines the places of marking of the bowls, and mills the bowl, at the end of the label search cycle the carriage returns to its original position. The carriage and cup cutter drives are equipped with a frequency converter, which allows you to smoothly adjust the processing speed of the product, you can also turn on the current feedback system for the main engines of the cylinder, groove and cup cutter, in which case the feed rate will automatically change depending on the load on the mill. As mentioned earlier, the human factor when working on this type of cylinder machine is minimized, which has a positive effect not only on productivity and quality of work, but also on work safety.

Main advantages over other machines:

The drives are controlled by the microprocessor system in automatic mode, minimizing the human factor, the presence of several automatic processing modes greatly simplifies the work of staff, it is also possible to manage all drives in manual mode.
The rounding machine is equipped with a system for automatically adjusting the feed rate of the carriage and the cup shear feed (the feed speed will automatically decrease when the engine reaches the cylinder, groove or cup cutter of a certain load, when the load is weakened, the speed will be restored to the previous level) .
The patented shape of knives (Patent RF №112086) can significantly reduce the load on the mill and achieve maximum performance without reducing the quality of the processed material
The presence of 5 lunettes allows you to avoid vibrations and violation of the geometry of a rounded log during all processing operations
The machine is set up once for the entire production cycle of a given diameter of a product.
The maximum thickness of a layer of wood that is cut in one pass is 100 mm per radius, the log is cylindrical in one pass to the finishing size, during the return stroke, the assembly and compensation groove are selected, then the bowls are cut at the points marked in advance .
The cups are milled by special marks — stops that are installed once for the entire production cycle of the project, thus eliminating the possibility of an error on the size between the cups.
Hydraulic lifts allow you to easily and accurately place a log between the front and the back headstock.
The digital load indicators of the main drives are displayed on the control panel, which allow you to visually observe the workload of a particular engine.
The control panel of the cylinder machine is equipped with an electronic heating system that allows you to work at low ambient temperatures.
The control unit is equipped with a multi-stage system of protection against power surges and surges.
It is possible to handle logs with a high degree of taper and curvature.
Despite program control, the cylinder machine does not require special maintenance and highly qualified personnel, the microprocessor itself detects the wrong actions of the operator and generates an error signal, thus preventing emergency situations.

Video of OZS-3AM circularizing machine:

Video of OZS-3AM otsilindrovochnogo machine:

Video instruction on commissioning of OCS-3AM:

To view more videos of the OCS-3A, go to the link

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