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Building a "mini-crane KSRM-500"

Price: 700 000 ₽

Fly Jib Length, m: 9
Boom Length, m: 12
Lifting height, m: 10
Lifting capacity (at the end of the boom), kg: 500
Power Rotation, kW: 0,55
Box-Shaped Type (section): 7
Power Supply Carts, kW: 0,55
Power Lifting, kW: 0,75
Supply Voltage, V: 220
Boom Rotation (deg.): 360
Product Dimensions, m: 3 х 3
Slewing Speed: Регулируемая / Variable
Feed Rate: Регулируемая / Variable
Speed Lifting / Lowering (m/s): 0,2
Weight, kg: 5500kg

Building a "mini-crane KSRM-500"

It is no secret that the construction of houses requires considerable physical efforts and the availability of expensive lifting equipment. Our offer - a lightweight, collapsible "mini-crane KSRM-500", which is mounted inside the carcass and carcass is removed after assembly of parts.

Building a
For convenience, the crane is equipped with radio remote control, which greatly enhances the mobility of the crane operator on a construction site. It is also worth noting that in addition to basic commands (lifting / lowering movement of the carriage forward / backward, turn arrows), with the remote control, you can include an increase in the speed of movement of the carriage and Swing, and include heating electronic part
Building a
Through the use of frequency converters, Power supply carts and rotation are able to smooth speed control and soft start and soft stop.
Building a
Power comes from an ordinary tap mains voltage of 220V, the presence of a current collector allows you to rotate the boom 360 degrees without interrupting the power supply.

ounting crane 3 steps:

  1. Installation of the base crane (connect the supporting platform, put them on the level of the adjustment bolts, then install the counterweight).
  2. Installation of the crane boom (to attach a device opornopovorotnomu boom section and the section of the counterweight, set the carriage to the hoist, install the control panel, connect the drive power connectors, install counterweight blocks boom).
  3. ssembling the crane sections (using the crane boom set on the first section of the tower bolts connect the arrow and a section of the tower, lift and set the next section of the tower, the last section of the tower connected to the base).

Building a "mini-crane KSRM-500" Building a "mini-crane KSRM-500" Building a "mini-crane KSRM-500" Building a "mini-crane KSRM-500" Building a "mini-crane KSRM-500" Building a "mini-crane KSRM-500" Building a "mini-crane KSRM-500" Building a "mini-crane KSRM-500" Building a "mini-crane KSRM-500" Building a "mini-crane KSRM-500"

Video of the crane KSRM-500

Site work

Installation of the crane KSRM-500

The test

Videos for the installation of mini-crane KSRM-500

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