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Automatic Control Unit BUS-1

Price: 50 000 ₽

Supply Motor Carriage, kW: 0,55
Motor Cutter, kW: 5,5-7,5
Supply Voltage, V: 380
Feed Rate: Регулируемая / Variable
Product Dimensions, m: 0.35 х 0.2 х 0.4

BUS-1 This system consists of a gear motor (supplies or chashkoreznogo saw unit) and the automatic control unit drives. This system can be installed on  log notcherpower cutter or line optimization. Machine control by pressing just one button, clicking which, the carriage of the machine milling round logs and returns to its original position. Due to the frequency converter in the control system can be continuously adjustable feed rate as the control unit is equipped with a heating electronic part and the automatic adjustment of the feed rate of the carriage (the feed rate is automatically reduced when the engine reaches tortsovochnika or log notcher certain load, with the weakening of the load speed is restored).

Video of the Baus-1 in-line optimization:

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